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SHIPRA ENTERPRISE is promoted by Ms. Leena Dutta, who holds a Master Degree in Business Management. She has more than five years of work experience in media house. She also acts as a creative designer for Indian Handicraft makers. All the products undergo testing and checking from purchase to finishing and conform to global quality standards. She has studied the background of these items and its unique character. Handicraft items represent cultural heritage of a group of people.

India has a diverse and a huge ethnic population. The handmade items reflect root and the origin of this cultural diversity. They combine beauty as well as utility for day-to-day life. The products find their way in the whole spectrum of consumers. Products in the form of giftware items have got wide application in the social sector. Corporate giftware market would also like to covet these items as exclusive and unique products. The unique feature of these items is that these can be made in the “personalized” form incorporating individual or corporate symbol / logo. SHIPRA ENTERPRISE is registered with ITPO, EPCH, and DC Handicraft (Government of India Organizations).