Metal Casting

Art Metal ware is creative application of metal in making aesthetic utility items. These are cast products made from brass, mixed with other material. Casting of bronze is an age-old tradition in India. “Dhokra” is an ancient art of producing metal wares by wax casting process. The rustic and the antique finish of the “Dhokra” gives it a distinctive appearance which appeals to a wide market at home and abroad. Products include key rings, Photo frames, etc. The antique looks of these items have got an exotic appeal. The items may find their way both in the household sector and corporate sector. The casting process ensures that the product maintains its distinctive and traditional look with a modern face. For buyer information, copper brass has to be used for cleaning.

Dhokra based products are fancied by customer, for its natural roots, environmental friendliness as well as adding aesthetic beauty. Both household sector as well as corporate sector can use these items.

SHIPRA’s unique art and craft blend with modern aesthetic value. Our products represent blend of Aesthetic and Utility. Our varied ranges are connoisseur’s delight